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Are you ready to create a #video marketing campaign?

Your targeted customers may be receiving many promotional content everyday, and we are here to take care of your story which deserves to be heard too. You need an experienced team of professionals who can help you focusing on your message, maximize engagement, educate, influence and convert your prospects.
We pay attention to high quality and details which make the visual storytelling which also increases engagement ratio and closing more deals faster.

How much does an explainer video cost?

Explainer video is a great marketing strategy to reach masses, inbound leads, customer satisfaction, awareness, sales and increase conversion, the pricing for explainer videos is not fixed, it totally depends on creativity, quality, video length, video quality etc. Our Average explainer video pricing starts from just Rs. 2000/Sec.  

How many revisions do you allow?

We allow 3 rounds of genuine revisions at every stage of production. We start charging after 3rd round of revision, we do mention everything in detail about revision in our contract. 

How many video formats do you provide at the time of delivering animated video?

We usually provide AVI, MP4, MOV, Compressed MP4(to share the video on whatsapp), and Uncompressed Version. Feel free to ask for any other video format we will definitely manage it for you. 

Who holds the rights of the animated video produced by IQ Animation Studio?

Once the video is delivered, all rights will be transferred to you or your company. Background music and voice-over used in video are either free for commercial use or we purchase all rights of background sound & Voice-over.